Repairing the Road to Redemption | Time Done

Repairing the Road to Redemption

The Alliance for Safety and Justice is excited to launch the Time Done campaign to raise awareness around the legal barriers that people living with convictions face. 

Today, an estimated 70 million people in the U.S. are living with a current or old criminal conviction. This means that long after they’ve successfully completed their sentence, nearly 1 in 5 people continue to face restrictions on jobs, housing, education and other supports that are key to family stability and economic security. 

What We’re Doing


we are organizing a powerful and inspiring free concert in Los Angeles to educate the public and mobilize a new and engaged constituency to change policies and bring hope to communities.

Free Tickets


We have launched a television ad campaign to raise awareness of the 1.7 million people in the state living with felony convictions and the over 500 legal barriers preventing them from contributing to the economy and participating in the democratic process.


Help us fill the Greek Theatre in LA! Kick off the Time Done Campaign with us and special guests including T.I., Goapele and others. The concert will shine a light on the lifetime of legal obstacles standing between Californians living with criminal convictions and basic rights like good jobs and housing.

RSVP for a free ticket and also be one of the first to know when there’s an action you can take that will change the life of someone living with a conviction. Get your free ticket before they’re gone and stand up for the rights of people who’ve paid their debts to society.

Get Your Free Tickets!

This concert will kick off Californians for Safety and Justice’s Time Done campaign which aims to educate the public and galvanize thousands of Californians to action to reduce these barriers to success and build a road to redemption.

For more information on the nearly 5,000 legal restrictions that 1 in 5 Californians now face, please visit