Our Stories

Data may raise antennas and build awareness, but real stories humanize our existence.

We are more than our past convictions.

Time Done has been building a movement of everyday community members with direct and indirect experience in the failing system of mass incarceration. We wholeheartedly believe that the people most impacted and closest to the problem, are the very same people best fit to provide guidance, leadership, and voice to find solutions.

We will continue to speak our truths to power and shift narrative through the elevation of our collective lived experience.

Here are some of our stories.


Sunsets in the Summertime Vol. 2

Sunsets in the Summertime Vol. 2

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Sunsets Open Mic Night Volume 1

Sunsets Open Mic Night Volume 1

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Senate Bill 731 – Safety and Opportunity

Senate Bill 731 – Creating Opportunity for Change

Senate Bill 731 – Offering Hope and Redemption

Filmmaker: Kelly Candaele

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We believe that all people who’ve done their time and earned a path to redemption should be able to successfully rejoin society—and that’s what California’s proposed law #SB731 is seeking to do. Are you, or someone you love, a person who has been held back because of an old conviction on your record? Please consider recording a short video here to be used by Californians for Safety and Justice and other organizations in support of the bill.

Need tips for how to tell your story?